How to stream your favorite YouTube videos on your streaming device or TV –

YouTube is well known for offering a wide of shows in different genres. We can very easily find content about almost everything ranging from humor and action to education content. However, watching such content on bigger screens than a personal computer can enhance our viewing experience. With the presence of Smart televisions, it is pretty simple to stream YouTube videos on these TVs. Users who don’t have a smart TV can make use of streaming devices such as Kodi, Roku, Amazon firestick, Xbox One and more. However, we need to login in to these devices to activate YouTube for watching our favorite videos on TVs.

It is an easy process to activate YT or YouTube on the above-mentioned devices. Since, there are numerous devices which you can stream YT shows on, the activation process differs from one device to another. Let’s look at the activation process for a couple of streaming devices.

Watch YouTube on Roku

Setting up YouTube on Roku devices is a super easy process which can be done effortlessly. Once you activate YouTube on Roku, you will be able to watch your favorite shows and videos easily. Let us look steps to do it.

  1. Connect your TV to the Roku device and sign in to your account on Roku.
  2. The “Channel store” option on Roku remote should be selected
  3. Select YouTube from the “Top Free” option
  4. Then click the “Add Channel” option
  5. After a while, select YouTube from My Channels option
  6. The Gear icon to the left of YouTube should be selected
  7. Sign in using the Google account information
  8. Roku will generate a code, which should be noted down
  9. Visit on a personal computer or a mobile phone
  10. Log in to the Google account and enter the Roku code
  11. If the “Allow access” option appears, it should be clicked

That’s all and you are now free to watch YouTube on your Roku device

Watch YouTube on Apple TV

YouTube activation on Apple TV is a pretty simple process. Just like activation YouTube on other devices, Apple TV YouTube streaming also requires the users to enter the code by visiting

Steps to activate YT on Apple TV:

  1. Sign in using the login information
  2. Get the activation code and note it down.
  3. Visit on your phone or laptop
  4. Enter the google login information. If a selection screen appears, we need to select Google+ page or account linked with YT
  5. Key in the code received from the YouTube application and click or select proceed
  6. Grant access if the option is shown

So, these are the steps needed for YouTube activate on various devices. The process may differ depending the device, but it is not a complicated issue to determine how the activation should be done. We can always the download the YouTube application, if it is not there on the device by default.